Timeline & Steps

How we work with you to build out your business

1. We will have a consultation that will identify the problem you are trying to solve for yourbuild out your business future clients in the niche market you want to do business in.

2. We will then conduct research in that market to determine how much people are spending to solve the problem now to factor in your package rates for services or products offered.

3. We then develop a few mock up websites so you have many different themes to choose from. Then you make a choice, and we get to work on your website.

4. Once you have decided on a name for your company & domain name (if you don’t have one already) we will register your business with more than 200+ online entities to establish you position in the niche market you will inhabit.

press release distribution

This includes secretary of state, IRS, business phone number and brick and mortar business address, proofing a press release and distribution to 500+ premium news outlets like abc etc., social media accounts, custom 7 page website, business logo and much more. Check our (20) points of service HERE.

5. Once your digital business infrastructure is up and operational we will conduct a Finance Test on your company for underwriter and credit issuer guidelines for approving new businesses in the market SIC code you are in.

6. Once we determine your business has meet the point of compliance to get approved credit and funding we will have a consultation with you to establish the best rewards intro programs for your niche that make the most sense and have the best no interest management costs.

7. In anticipation of funding for a small starting marketing campaign budget we will run a few people through your program to test emails, phones and basic service management interrelations for success.

8. We will provide you marketing materials and demographic communications guidelines in advertising to help you “Start the conversation” with potential clients in your market.

9. We will do a screen share training with you so that you have confidence making simple edits to your website and to be able to add new blog posts on the fly so you can keep the momentum going in communicating with your clients in your space.

10. Approvals and management: Its one thing to get the money, it’s entirely another to make Build Business Credityour money work for you. We tell and show you how step by step to assure that we know, that you know how to play the game.

11. Rinse and repeat: Your business is established. You have people answering the phone and data entry staff is satisfying client needs. You realize you have automated your business to the point you have put yourself out of a job. So begins the life of the serial entrepreneur. Welcome to the family 🙂